Who is Chakresh Mishra?

Let me narrate you story of a man, who is as ordinary as any one of us and yet as extra-ordinary as any one of us really is. My story starts from a small nursing home in Aligarh, UP, in incredible India when an exciting nurse broke out the news. I looked around and found my mummy and papa, both are very intelligent, good looking & highly educated people. I understood at that point only that my life is going to be a crusade amongst books and well, not to put too fine point on it, a bit boring. So, I resolved to spice it up on every possible chance. It was a resolution of an 1 hour old boy, that is why it is still going on….

A while later my parents introduced me to a 6 years old girl, my sister. At that time she was part happy and part jealous but as time passed, she and I started to share a bond which is hard to put in words. I can say that she is like a third parent to me….

In this happy family, I played along my childhood in a small town in UP, Chhibramau. My cousin and I were same age. So we played, we fought, we cried, we laughed together. My facination with becoming a truck driver made me spend hours on roof top to watch and count passing truckers on national highway, which passed near our home. I used to spend 3-4 months in an year at my ancestoral village, Prahalad Chak. We used to follow wild blue cows around, listen to Vividh Bharti on radio, watch mahabharat on sundays and play a lot in wide green fields. Those were the simpler times. Facination with guns and goons started there, afterall we are talking about wild west of India….

Education is primary narrater of one’s life story for first 25 years. I have enjoyed a wide variety of schools and colleges till now. My early schooling was in Saraswati Shishu Mandir, where teachers were good, atmosphere was moral, children were happy but buildings were small. Then I moved into a government college for 9-10th where teachers were lazy, classes were empty but buildings were tall….

I shifted to Kanpur for my 11-12th after not getting expected marks in 10th. I lived in BNSD Shiksha Niketan school hostel for two years, made good frinds, learnt to live away from parents, played a lot of badminton, found a few good teachers, and above all made an impression on many….

Then after a tough exam I was accepted in Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. A bit scared, a bit proud, I started and a bit wiser, a bit happier I exited. The four years in between went by like a flash, parents shifted to Mathura in UP and sister got married. Time passed in bunking classes, bulla with friends, learning computers by DIY approach, reading a lot of novels, watching movies, a hell lot of socializing… basically living life. I also went to Italy for few months for an internship. The most important thing, I made some great friends…

After B.Tech. in mechanical engineering from IIT Kanpur life started to become a bit serious. Most of my friends started to work, but I decided to study some more. I took admission in Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi for M.Tech. and also started to think seriously about civil services exam. I made a few good frinds there also, but only few. Blogging became new passion. My blog Promise of Reason broke new frontiers and went on to become one of the top political blog in India….

I gave civil services exam with post-graduation. But as it turned out, life rarely goes according to the plan. I keep on writing exam for 5 years, getting selected each and everytime in the toughest exam of India. Based on those marathon attempts at the alter of UPSC, I joined Indian Defence Estate Service in 2011, Indian Railways Traffic Service in 2012, Indian Revenue Service in 2013 and finally settled for Indian Police Service in 2015. During the training I learned the basic ideas and problems of governance, made some lifetime friends and generally lived a dream life.

Now, after completing physically and mentally very hard training of Police I am staring at the future which is the service of downtrodden of Uttar Pradesh in every manner possible. As a police officer I take upon myself that I will employ all my faculties, all my experience and all my energy for the betterment and protection of general public. As they say, I am here for सदरक्षणाय खलनिग्रहणाय, to protect the good and to fight the evil.

So, this is the small story of Chakresh Mishra. There is a lot more to this story like my girl-friends, my ambitions, my fears, my ideas & my craziness. But for that, first we have to become close frinds. Add me on facebook for a start. I am sure life is going to throw on me many more new exeriences in future. It is just a start and this page and my life is updating every day….


How to explore my ideas?

The greatest connection two people can have is the connection of ideas. I express my ideas either as poetry or as commentary on social issues.

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