Happy new year but same old politics in India

In history of every nation, there comes a time when it needs just a push to get launched on the path of greatness. We have seen great leaders who have provided that extra push on such crucial junctures in the history of India. Today as we say hello to a new year, a sense of gloom persists in political and economic sphere of this great nation.

Government of the day has lost its credibility and it has touched new lows in corruption and dictatorial attitude. However the biggest worry of current political scenario is not a knee jerk government but it is the vacuum in the opposition benches. No party has any clue about how to take out nation from this abyss. Everybody is busy playing their own little game, so that they have lost the sight of larger issues. Be it congress or BJP or left parties, leaders are focusing just on the petty politics. Nobody is ready to take responsibility of the future. On one hand there is a naive prince, who got everything in silver spoon, but he is not even able to hold the spoon. On the other hand we have a veteran leader, whose greed has surpassed all the realms of logic, he is not even ready to retire at the age of 85. Left parties are hopelessly trying to find the manifesto of communism again which they have lost in streets of Singur. It is obviously day-dreaming to expect anything worthwhile from regional parties. The movement of decade, in the white knight-ship of an old gandhian triggered the sense of euphoria in nation, specially rising middle classes, but it also failed due to tactlessness and foolish egoistic nature of its leadership.

In last 20 years situation has never became so alarming that the nation seems lost. Economic sphere is also not providing any good news. The biggest worry is that bureaucracy and judiciary is hiding in their own cocoon. The torture of indecisive government and lack of leadership at top reminded me of a famous statement of ex-PM Narsimha Rao, “Not taking a decision is also a decision”. Well that decision of not taking any decision is dragging country atleast 25 years back, forget about being a super-power. When the country is governed by a blind PM and reigns are in the hand of people who are not responsible for anything, the jackal herd is looting this country.

So, happy new year, my dear friends. We celebrate, we mourn, we wait for that leader to arrive, who will have the ability and above all a heart to guide the nation. To my dear leaders I can only say, O dumb political class, if you can just win over your greed and self-centeredness, this nation will make you king of its heart and soul. This is a country of sunflowers, it always waits for the sun to rise, then it worships him, until then it waits in darkness.


2 thoughts on “Happy new year but same old politics in India

  1. burocrasy is mission which accompanied its path through typical understanding of indian politics!! Positive dealing with our neta’s such an herculion task specially in our up.


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