Liquidation of heart

it hurts!

to me at-least,
when you sense with your little fingers.
killing is thy gaze, prolonged that lingers.
a moment, a bit, a blip, in heart is lost.
when that black curl slides, from thy left ear
one by one, I am loosing, oh dear
a moment, a moment, and another one.

you learnt it or your God hates me,

how would I know, submerged in thy seduction.

thoughts are opposite, logical and illogical,
if you are white, I am a black knight.
then what glues us, show me the light.
O trotting elf, as you walk, with me everyday.
I loose my logic, my mind, my heart.

you flow like a far river, forbidden.

thirsty, am I ?, can resist, can I ?

I know you can’t, have heard feelings of thy.
I wouldn’t, I shouldn’t, should I ?
let those roses come to me,
let me kiss your seven eyes,
till then, it really hurts, my heart.

a drop dropped on cheek in this night,

when you must be in arms of your compromise.

look, the drops, in an iron cage
for twenty years, can’t hold for one day.
the look, the sound, the smell, the touch
control the thoughts, as heart in dust, lay.
show thine heart, that makes mine liquid.

while he teaches you about heart, mine hurts

come to me love, you know, it hurts more

after the liquidation.


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