Greater Haryana: proposed state

Regions included: Current Haryana, Hanumangarh (Rajsthan)

Population (2011): 2.7 crores

Area: 50000 sq KM

Note: Haryanvi culture extend to some part of current Rajsthan also. Chandigarh should be returned to Punjab as par Rajiv-Longawala accord. Haryana should develop a new capital.


7 thoughts on “Greater Haryana: proposed state

  1. Chakresh ji, it is time ,we start thread on prediction for Upcoming State Elections in all states including most interesting one of UP. Looking forward to discussion & debates…


  2. @AK
    exactly 🙂
    I have got something planned. Afterall UP politics is bread and butter of politics-lovers like us.


  3. Dear Chakresh can u write more abt the problems haryana and punjab are facing with a single capital? it will really help in understanding ur proposal


    1. Dont you think it is too close to Delhi. In future it might become a part of greater city state of Delhi as urbanization progresses.


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