Greater Jharkhand: proposed state

Regions included: Current Jharkhand, Purulia (WB), Sundergarh, Mayurbhanj, Kyonjhar of Odisha

Population (2011): 5 crores

Area: 75000 sq KM

Note: Jharkhand was formed by bifurcating the Bihar, but the other tribal areas in West Bengal and Odisha were not included due to lack of political consensus. This temporary arrangement should be turned in a permanent one by forming, what some call as greater Jharkhand


2 thoughts on “Greater Jharkhand: proposed state

    1. koshal is not going to happen till 2025 as state reorganising commitee has been asked to wait till 2025 . except the schedule areas as the per the constitution provisions article 244(1) part C para 6 (c) the new state can be formed and schedule area boundary can be altered , by this order of the president the schedule area boundary is to be altered for greater jharkhand that isthe reason orissa gets uneasy over greater jharkhand and not koshal state , any way the tribals of sundergarh mayurbhanj and keonjhar sambalpur have language culture tradition with same as jharkhand and not koshalis and orissa


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