budget 2011: their policy and our bread

Well, the union budget has been presented and after a lot of secrecy, it is clear that government is taking second generation reforms with sincerity. I am not an expert on economic issues, so I will leave you in good hands. Please do read and try to understand the nitty gritty of our budget as it is the most important document of the year. Disclaimer: I am not a marxist in saying that economics define everything …. but it does, doesn’t it?

Times of India’s dissection of budget 2011

The finance minister opened his speech with reference to inflation saying that food inflation came down from 20.2% last year to 9.3% in January 2011 but it was still a matter of concern. “Government’s principle concern is high food prices… food prices were high for cereals, there was a spurt in prices of onions and milk,”

Mint’s take on budget 2011

The populism isn’t a problem. Our biggest grouse with this budget is that it refuses to acknowledge the real threat of a coming oil shock, does nothing to tackle inflation, and assumes that growth will provide its own answers without really doing anything to accelerate that growth.

Zahangir Aziz : consolidation without pain, what am I missing

Mukesh Bhutani : FM combines reform with fiscal discipline

And In the last, I want to point out that ignorance is not a bliss. So, do indulge in discussion on what you think about this budget. The intelligentsia of country must understand that we can develop only by increasing knowledge about out economy, politics and surroundings. To quote

tumhare bazm ke bahar bhi ek duniya hai

mere huzur bada zurm hai yeh bekhabri.



4 thoughts on “budget 2011: their policy and our bread

  1. moreover looks like an agriculture and infrastructure budget…i was expecting something in energy sector…


  2. At a time when the country is going through a severe energy crunch and faced with a highly volatile oil supply situation due to the disturbances in West Asia, the clean energy industry expected some imaginative and aggressive proposals for actions to develop alternative energy sources. “There is no vision in the budget for the clean energy sector


  3. I also feel that Mr. Mukherjee has played a typical ‘baniya’ game here. He very well knows the costs mentioned in the budget will be exceeded. When a baniya designs his cost structure, if he has a budget of 1000, he will plan to get thing done in 950 and then at the end he manages in 980. If he had planned for 1000, he would have ended at 1030. The FM has aimed at a fiscal deficit of 4.6% which is difficult to mantain, but at the end of the year if he manages to keep it at less than 5%, more or less everyone will be satisfied.


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