Not a lame duck government but an integrity challenged cuckoo indeed

I remember the first time I saw his picture in some newspaper, I was a small kid and it seemed to me that he was in lot of pain for having to smile for a click. Then it became a regularity to see face of Manmohan uncle, who was not sure whether to smile or weep, on everywhere here and there. Current scenario of UPA-2 government make this a bit difficult to decide whether to pity him or hate him. There is no third option.

Manmohan singh is known for his academic caliber, integrity and a sage like calmness. This is the reason that he is such a darling of middle class and media. His second term in PM office has been a disaster. Not any 10 days in a row pass when we don’t hear a new scam worth thousands of crore rupees coming to light. Such a sorry state of affairs can only be compared to last years of P V Narsimharao ministry. To quote P. Sainath, “it is not a lame duck government but integrity challenged cuckoo”

But whenever we start to discuss it, the spectrum of educated Indians start to defend him as we tend to see him as the last standing symbol of decency in plethora of today’s rugged politics. People forget while defending him that we are talking about office of PM of India, that is supposed to lead us. Where is leadership in Manmohan Singh? Only being sorry for scams is not enough. May be it is time for him to move back to university lecture hall than making us all feel sorry for him. Either you die when you are a hero or live long enough to see yourself become villain.

My point is that let the people responsible for corruption get punished and ultimate responsibility of such disastrous government come down on real leaders of current UPA government i.e.. Sonia Gandhi and family. It is just painful to see Manmohan Singh explaining about appointment of Kalmadi, Deshmukh etc who clearly are gandhi family loyalist. More painful will be to see before next election gandhi family wearing some other lame mask and controlling government without facing any consequences for wrong decision. In democracy accountability must accompany the power.

By hindsight, decision of Sonia Gandhi to step aside and let some courtier become PM was the second most profitable decision made by Gandhi family in entire history. First of-course was sponsoring all India tour of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi by Motilal Nehru in 1914-15.


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