Formation of new states: Criteria and right path


In recent times there have been demands for carving out smaller states, latest being great hoop-hulla around Telangana and anti-telangana agitations. The main apparent reason is sense of economic deprivation of certain areas in large states like UP, WB, AP MH etc. Cultural and political reasons are also responsible for such demands. It is argued that smaller and medium sized states will bring functional politics closer to people by making state government more responsive to local demands. Such an arrangement will also ensure proper distribution of centarl development funds to various regions of the larger states with subregional needs highlighted well.

Therefore such an arrangement expected to bring regional development.
On the other hand the demand for creation of smaller state is opposed on the ground that it is likely to raise dormant statehood demands like Bodoland, Gorkhaland, Coorg etc which are not economically viable and may set a bad precedent for the creation of too many smaller states, leading to balkanisation of India. It may also place impediments in the growyh of interstate trade and other economic activities, as large number of local taxes may be introduced by these new states.

What I think is that the smaller size of state by itself cannot gaurantee economic development of a region as has been experience in the North-east, Goa and recent pocket filling incidents by Jharkhand polititians, whereas Gujarat, tamilnadu had shown that big state can be very advanced if governed properly. There is a need to balance local aspirations with the macro level needs of country. One main point why I think Telangana, Harit Pradesh, Poorvanchal, Vidarbha etc (new medium sized states) should be constituted because of administrative problems of erstwhile bigger/giant states. Carving out smaller states should neither be opposed nor supported on the basis of short term political gain, as being done by Samajwadi party as it feels that it will be marginalized in new Harit Pradesh.

The ultimate criteria should be administrative convenience, economic viability and political consensus, in that order. I hope a new state reorganisation committee is formed to reorganise country properly and not just under pressure of some people going on indefinite fast.


18 thoughts on “Formation of new states: Criteria and right path

  1. Chakresh, what you said is right, I accept that too small states would become burden to the country, but creating a telangana state is a genuine demand. having medium sized states like Telangana is good for the country. And cultures also differ from region to region and telangana culture is straight forwardness and Andhra culture is mostly like American Culture. They develop relations on the basis of Business Which is a cultural change for Telanganites. They accepted Andhraites just because they are not Business Oriented now the underdevelopment of the region is clearly understood by them and they are trying to revolt. Its not a recent demand its been there since 53 years. I completely accept with your statement of medium sized states.


  2. administrative convenience for sure should be the criteria, but think it this way, creation of every new state will raise the number of new regional parties and sartaps, which will lead to further fractionation of mandate in that state not only in state assembly but also at parliamentary levels. which will in turn give rise to number of madhu kodas and shibu sorens. as far as mayawati is concerned she was dreaming of becoming pm and now she is saying she cant even govern u.p.
    hey, charkesh can you give me some background of “autonomy status to j&k” issue and lets blog on “mandatory voting” is it possible to implement this at national level.


  3. we need to understand the root causes that have cumulated to trigger such demands(some overtly unjustified and others subjectively).The Indian struggle for Independence saw Movements like Home rule in 1916 where Provinces on basis of Languages were proposed.Perceived as a way to buttress unity;arguably it let the Pandora’s box open.

    Headed by Justice Fazal Ali, the State Reorganization Commission identified lingua franca as basis for demarcation of boundaries in 1956(Creating the current state in Question,Andhra).Such Jurisprudence is also under scanner with the current spat of events.

    China With its demography and the success story that it is an object of envy…All with 22(+1 with Taiwan) provinces.Administration is more a function of willpower than a derivative of geographic area.The solution lies in empowering Local Self Government,Creating and executing Citizen Charters,Scrapping the colonial Police act,1861, IPC and so on….
    Yes! Size does matter(the Medium size dictum)…yet the Bihar of 2004,of Laalu didnot Compress itself to become the Bihar of 2010,of Nitish.The other side shows a medium sized Jharkhand born off Bihar in 2000 struggling rather succumbing to Naxalism and under development.

    More states means worse coordination of law and order bodies,Tax related hassles,water Disputes,Centre-State Funds sharing issues,newer opportunities for Local politicians to enslave the sovereign India in clutches of parochial Interests and what not???
    Need is better State, not the smaller state…


  4. Hi, Happy Nw Year!!!
    I am in S.Korea now
    was quite occupied and could Not post here for long(nearly months)
    regarding, Second State Reorganization Committee, it is a farce.
    It’s unfortunate that We vested interests are not allowing the country to prosper.
    Smaller states is good for efficient administration and the demand for smaller states should Not be seen as “Regional Chavinism”


  5. Sir Vaibhav, FYI, Taiwan(Republic of China) is NOT A Province Administration of Mainland China (People’s Republic of China,PRC). I stayed in Taiwan for 3 years and so know pretty well about Taiwan.
    However, HongKong is a Province Administration of PRC


  6. Republic of China controls Taiwan and nearby islands…PRC doesn’t…..ROC claims its control on Taiwan .How does that deter the statement made regarding China, Lord Raj????

    Could you please elaborate your point on Second State Reorganisation Committee???


  7. If one’s staying is a place is the sole determinant of its corresponding knowledge…then I have living in India for whole of my life without breaks of 3 years to one island nation… May be then I have better Prospects in Its Critical analysis.

    Regional CHAUVINISM is one omen an Indian can feel running in nerves of the nation…Economic aspects of administration can only be following the deeper sensibility of unity in the denizens…A Nation or even a state can not prosper consistently when regional,ethnic or religious strives are ubiquitous. Tackle these issues first…then only the dictum of : smaller state, efficient state can be applicable.


  8. Mr. Vaibhav, you wrote:
    China with its 22(+ 1, Taiwan) Provinces is envy of….
    Thatz the reaon, I shot back; Taiwan is Not administered by China(PRC)
    your knowledge seems to be absurd.
    Taiwan Cant be called a Province of People’s Republic of China.


  9. Dear Raj

    It is such a shame that all the people outside of Andhra pradesh (comprising of telugu speaking parts of madras state and the then Hyderabad now called telangana in 1956) started to think there is an anti telangana agitation.

    It is such a shame that most Indians do not give it a second thought about the legitimacy of such a claim. It is just a media creation as the telugu media (print and E) is owned by the same people who are the looters from andhra. Besides these less than 500 families who own the businesses who own the poltiics (both in congress and TDP) no one in regions other than telangana should be agitated.

    Just think, when brits left India there were not less a
    few million anglo indians. Now most of them have gone and settled in UK Aus NZL canada and USA. Just think what if the british people have raised an agitation that bcuz these people are in india british should rule india eternally.

    I have read and seen scores of pseudo intellectuals talking and writing up on telangana issue without themselves having a correct understanding of the situation. It takes atleast one year of complete submersion in the land of telangana to know what has gone wrong.

    THe basic concept of India was built on the imperialistic dreams of Congres leaders like Nehru and Gandhi. Instead of the reorganization of rest of asia, we should be thinking on the lines of reorganization of India. In fact Nehrus and Gandhis if they really were interested more than their power and prosperity would have that a thought.

    Indeed India could well be a prosperous sub continent with nations like Khalistan, a tamil nation, Erstwhile Hyderabad which a nation by itself until 1948 when the people of hyderabad sacrificed a lot to achieve independence only to be fooled by the gimmicks of Gandhis and Nehrus to be eaten by their imperliasitc dreams of having a huge nation to rule.

    It is time to conduct a plebiscite throught India and create as many nations as the people wish.

    The new mantra is UNITED WE FALL, DIVIDED WE STAND.


  10. Dear Raja Reddy, I concur with You.
    It’s quite Bizarre that The Big Buffs from Andhra Region Who Own Corporate Houses in Hyderabad are Agitating Against Telangana.
    Mr. Vaibhav, You seem to be too reactive.


  11. Administration works better when the people to administrate confine in small units neither proved nor a well thought. Back in the era of british government ,the queen /PM sitting in London was fully able to administrate India. The ruling out of queen was only possible due to rise of swadeshi-hood among Indians,less development wasn’t a real reason. We have already divided our system in small administrative units.these are gram panchayats , Jilla panchayats etc. If you think people understand better the needs of thier region then a chief of gram panchayat can do it. You can’t make a 500 people’s state but panchayat can listen and administrate. every district has same culture same language so districts and gram panchayats are already there for better administration.


  12. Secondly who can guarantee the smooth functioning of small units..? Jhrakhand has not been able to get a full time chief minister so far. Nepal also follows the same. Let understand how unstable will be our small states. Suppose a new state assembley from UP has 50 MLAs. Can you imagine less than 10 MLAs will always have power to rule out state goverment. All mla will ask for ministry and 50 ministers for 50 mla’s state..! just imagine. So dissatisfaction will cause ruling out of government . You can also sense it with small philosophy . Divisions always result in making system small and small parts/components of our watches are the only reason for thier malrepairing.


  13. There should be clearcut norms in place for state reorganisation. Clearcut norms like for example, to divide a state, it must have a minimum of 50,000 or 5 crore population. This will discourage statehood demands without rhyme or reason. Based on the above criteria, the following states are suitable candidates for re-organisation.
    Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Orissa.

    Norms for new states should consider Economic viability, political stability, Cultural, historical, ethnical unity

    Political and Administrative leaders should be developed so that there is no political vacuum or lack of administrators where new states are created.
    Norms should be developed for sharing natural resources like water
    Special assistance should be given to new states for creating capital cities especially for disputed cities like Hyderabad and Chandigarh
    Ladakh should be made a union territory
    Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri and Cooch Behar can be merged with Sikkim to form a new state
    Uttara Kannada District can be merged with Goa to create Gokanchal
    Daman, Diu and Dadra can be merged with Gujarat
    Nagar Haveli can be merged with Maharashtra
    Yanam can be merged with Andhra
    Pondicherry and Karaikal can be merged with TamilNadu
    Mahe can be merged with Kerala


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