Reorganizing South Asia as it should be – introduction

Regions of North-western South Asia

regions of south asia, india, pakistan, afghanistan map

Proposed National Boundaries

final proposed boundaries of pakistan, afghanistan, india

I am starting this new series on “how to reorganize the South Asia politically” so as to have maximum possibility of peace and prosperiety. Division on lines of religion has been proven wrong. Base of my analysis is ethnic character of the India-Pakistan-Afghanistan-Nepal-Sri Lanka-Bangladesh-Bhutan. This analysis is based on data collected over the time and my understanding of south asia, everybody is welcome to put in their views as comments. Later I plan to bring it out as free ebook.

And one more thing, I am an Indian, so perspective and reason of all this exercise is to understand how to benefit India in particular and all the people of south asia in general in current turbulent political situation.

The above image is little preview of my plan for north-western part of Indian subcontinent. I will post plan for whole region in upcoming posts. keep reasoning, for the sake of India.


8 thoughts on “Reorganizing South Asia as it should be – introduction

  1. Reorganising the state boundaries in my opinion cannot be the solution. Human race is so varied that no state can say with confidence that it is comprised of so and so race/ethnicity/religion.

    The existence of nations such as India is proof of the fact that people of different races/religion can coexist. One cannot expect a Utopian state. It is impossible.

    People of same race need not live peacefully & will not. There has always been conflict and there always will be.

    Reorganising will only aggravate the problem & not solve it.

    This isn’t a mathematical problem of optimisation. There is a certain degree of randomness in it & I believe reorganising won’t help.


  2. from joint statement of the indo-pak talks , it looks like india thinks that its existing boundries are too lagre and may we should cede some more territory to Pakistan.


  3. @Mainak Jas says,

    “The existence of nations such as India is proof of the fact that people of different races/religion can coexist. One cannot expect a Utopian state. It is impossible.

    People of same race need not live peacefully & will not. There has always been conflict and there always will be.”

    You are So wrong here.

    1. People of the same Race CAN live co-exist together. People from the republic of India are effectively the same race of people as the “Aryan invasion theory” has now been proven to be false and it is proven beyond doubt that a person from Kashmir and a person from Tamil Nadu effectively are people from the same Race.

    2. A better example is Austra-Germany. Austria and Germany have been united for generations only to be seperated by Foreign powers. But even today there are high hopes of Austria and Germany uniting since they are people of the same race and same Germanic language.

    3. However, when it comes to Muslims, even though people are from the same race the religion of Islam effectively divides between believers and non-believers. So even if Pakistanis and Indians are the same race they can never be united since Pakistanis are Muslims and Indians do have a 79% Hindu populace.

    Even WITHIN India, how can you say that Hindu/Muslims have lived for 62 years without any hatred between the two?.

    Innumerable riots both large and small scale, bomb explosions and terrorist attacks have largely been the contribution of Islamic population within India.

    Don’t go by what media or bollywood tells you. The fairy tale picture of what they portray between the 2 communities is largely a fairy tale only.


  4. I might add that within India after Independence there were plenty of rumors that the different Linguistic states of India will never get along with each other both from Anglo-saxons(who introduced the false “Aryan invasion theory”) and the Muslims.

    The reality is far apart from the rumors. In the 62 years, the different linguistic states of India have really got along very well with each other with little or no problems apart from a slight problem here or there from TamilNadu. (But even there today there is wide Nationalism among Tamilians).

    Forget among states, even Christians and Sikhs have integrated really well with the Indian union with the latter sometimes better than the Hindus.

    However the sad part is that even today the Muslims of India have failed to integrate with the Indian union and feel victimized for perceived injustices.

    In fact a decade ago, I hardly used to see any Muslim women wearing “Purdah” on the streets. But since the past 10 years, the system of wearing Purdah has actually been on the rise and more and more Muslims are isolating themselves by growing beards or Women in Purdahs.

    Their continued support for Congress and other so called Secular parties for no apparent reason except for the fear of a Nationalistic party is another example of their failure to integrate.


  5. Central Asia is one abundant resource of energy and Minerals,Of strong men and with stronger dogmas,an apple of Discord between the NATO and the CIS with the third angle of SCO coming into picture.
    South Asia is one potpourri of races, ethnicities,Huge Market with untamed consumption abilities, and a huge population.Changing boundaries sounds one brazenly desperate solution to such a varied problem that needs other solutions; more like rearranging a jigsaw puzzle to further complicate it.The Solution lies inside the boundaries:

    The Uighur dominated region of China witnesses ethnic strives(Underdeveloped).The Afghan people were trained for Combat against Soviet by the Uncle Sam(and Soviet is no Sage either);A Green revolution travels slowly than an automated Kalashnikov to developing countries.
    The countries placed Highest on the HDI also have minimal strives(yes! a mutually coupled cause and effect).

    The Region is too volatile for any kind of tectonic change, It needs to be bolstered with development before such radical steps to be taken.Yes Scandinavia may be far off but a Kerala or Gujarat is required to streamline boundaries based on races; and this is when races keep mixing and technology seems to overpower terrain…

    A valiant suggestion, yet possible after a World Parliament is in place…What say???


  6. Your Indian brand of intellect is uncanny. Unlike your map, your genius knows no boundaries. You are well on your way to great heights. The world is literally your oyster.

    Just one little problem. The area you have drawn up in such nice, neat little, pastel-colored compartments is one of the most fierce, most volatile, most densely armed and most hostile tribal region in the WORLD. It is the region where history’s overconfident hyperpowers go to lose confidence. The British (twice), The Soviets and apparently the Americans in 2011.

    On your way to raising the tricolor in uzbekistan, you may want to recall that there is a smaller, irritant, dysfunctional and nuclear mid-power in your way with 600,000 soldiers and 160 million even more dangerous civilians.

    Finally, the naxalite region is suspiciously missing from your geo-strategic equation as is kashmir as is khalistan. But genius rarely bothers about details.

    Other than that, I really think this is a great idea and it will really catch on.


  7. The best solution that I have seen so far to the Afghan problem. Unfortunately nations in the neighbourhood are not formed by rational thought but by crass emotionalism and unfounded loyalties. Wish there is a way to educate the people involved about the effectiveness of this solution and have this solution come from within rather than be seen as a solution imposed by arm chair intellectuals. 🙂


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