5 Reasons why it is best time to start an all-out military campaign against naxals

say no to lal salaam

So, central government has banned CPI maoist, the main outfit of maoist and naxalite activities in India. It is a much awaited action and finally government woke up when these so called revolutionaries had taken over a large part of Lalgarh. Anyways better late than never. But it should not be stopped here. Government should start an all out campaign and mind you military/para-military campaign, not a police one to flush out all the naxalites from whole country, so that a right environment of development can be created in naxal affected areas. It is the best time to do so in last 60 years and looks like universe has conspired to give us that opportunity. Government must seize it with open hands and ruthless force. Here are the reasons why it is the best time to start an all-out flush out campaign against maoist and naxalites.

1. After the heavy defeat in LokSabha elections main stream communist parties are busy taking care of their in-fighting and putting an all out effort to keep alive in politics in this ever increasing anti-communist world. So they can’t create hoop-hulla or can’t stall the process in parliament either. So no help from inside India.
2 Naxalites in India had two main sources of arms and bombs etc. One of them completely out of picture now. Yes, I am talking about Prabhakaran and his tigers. So no help from south.
3 Second main source of arms is ISI and pakistani militants who provide support across the borders of Bangladesh. They are relatively concentrating their efforts on afghan border right now. Besides pakistan government is in no position to sponsor naxals as they have problems of survival in front of them. So not much help from east & west either.
4 Main source for man power came from Nepali maoists. But they have taken route of politics now and busy establishing themselves as reliable politicians. They have dismantled their armed wing also. So no help from north.
5 China is busy capturing world in aftermath of recent recession and devoting all its energy in economy. So not to expect anything big from big brother.

In this way maoists and naxalites are on their own right now. And we have most stable government in last 20 years. Public support has already been there. So what else can fall in line to get a better opportunity.

But to make a foot-note, government should also try to open a side channel to bring them in main stream politics and take care of problems of poor in those parts of our country. Hope all will be best for this great country of ours.


3 thoughts on “5 Reasons why it is best time to start an all-out military campaign against naxals

  1. Your viewpoint is completely a strategic viewpoint. If you were a military general, these might have been the considerations.

    However, we are looking at solving a larger political problems. Attacking the Maoists is not the solution to the problem.

    This is analogous to the United States attacking every other country which it sees fit because the country doesn’t fit its agenda.

    In any case, strategic reasons are never the considerations to attack a group.


  2. Naxals along with Sympathizers should be Outlawed and Banished.
    Naxals are A Menace. But, the media and the politically correct lobby goes gaga over the sufferings of the socalled “innocent lives” whenever there is a Crackdown on Naxals.
    The Naxals and their sympathizers use Hypocritic Double Standards in dealing with their situation.


  3. Dear Chakresh, it seems You are giving a clean chit to the maoist china.
    I would never trust them.
    I feel, they (moiast occupied china) are providing aid to Naxals
    Also, You have forgot about training camps set up in Nepal.
    Most of these Naxals have their training in Nepal.


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