Opinion Polls: Getting the results you want

Think about this the next time an opinion poll is trumpeted as a real gauge of public opinion or any of NDTV/CNN-IBN/IndiaTV/ThisTV/ThatTV tries to change your opinion by stating their preferred version of public opinion. Choose wisely friends, it is very easy to get a result you want in opinion poll.

“Opinion polls are not designed to measure public opinion, they’re designed to shape it.” Peter Hitchens


8 thoughts on “Opinion Polls: Getting the results you want

  1. I used to have great admiration for prannon roy once upon a time but he has lost out in many aspects. He makes lot of mistakes while speaking, his analysis is absurb, he often repeats the same questions and over and above his credibility has gone for a toss.

    media is supposed to be unbiased and should report whats really happening on the ground. its high time all political parties get together and come up with a law for media reporting. EC has done a wonderful job by banning all exit polls and also its high time they ban all opinion polls wrt elections as most of the times they are doctored or its done in an unprofessional manner. I’m not sure what they think abt the people watching their channels. May be they think all of them are real stupid people to go by their numbers.


  2. It is indeed a fact that the NDTV (run by Prannoy Roy) has become a super-secular propagandist. The news coverage is terribly terribly anti-Hindu.


  3. I too once upon a time admired Prannoy Roy. But he has become a cheap propagandist – for the The Congress Party. NDTV has gone overboard demonizing Narendra Modi, while allowing many other Politicians guilty of serious crimes scott free. For example, they never pick up the topic of the lies that Sonia Gandhi has told regarding her place of birth, her educational qualifications, and the university she attended. This alone could be a major scandal… but NDTV does not address it.


  4. How I used to admire the world this week and prannoy roy and how I feel disgusted with his team now…they’re shamelessly pseudo-secular.


  5. While I was in collge, i used to think high of Prannoy Roy. As i grew older and matured i realized he is a chritian and hence he is throwing anti-hindu venom. That too offlate, the venom NDTV is throwing is too too high.

    I do feel they have lost too many viewers too now.


  6. In 2004 NDTV projected BJP would get 18 to 20 out of the 26 seats in Gujarat.

    But BJP got only 14.

    Clearly this so called ‘christian’ propagandist was wrong in his over-estimation


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