Social capital vs economical capital : problem of working woman

man-and-woman Priya Dwivedi is a young working woman with a BTech degree in information and technology, career is rising up in its usual way, hard work and talent have made her able to take care of herself. Living in satelite town of Delhi, she hit a moral roadblock in her late 20s. To take care of her 2 years old son, oh did I forget to mention that she is happily married, atleast till now, she decided to leave the job. Now arise many problems, many problems we all, people living in big cities, see on a regular basis. She cann’t and shouldn’t be content with a life where taking care of her son is his whole day work, while her equally edcated husband is bearing the burden of family alone and on the flip side progressively exerting his economical dominance over her. Result – regular fights between couple, result – very unhealthy enviornment for a child, result – discontented workforce, result – low economic productivity with low social productivity.

This problem is so common and multidimensional that a proper and foremost attention of sociologist is required. All of us radialy agree that the major goal and philosophy of advancement of civilisation is to keep human race afloat and survive as long as possible on this planet. The one and only way to do so is to nurture our next generation with proper vigour. The whole idea of civilisation fundamentaly is to give proper and safe environment for our children to grow.

Now with coming up of modern liberal values, the empowerment of women is taking place, making them contribute towards society equal to men. In India also, now a days the norm is to give equal education to male and female, atleast in middle class. This is a must have condition for the development of society, as we can not leave half of our population without basic vales of life ie. education. When we as a society put resources in education,  specially technical and proffesional, of both gender, we expect them to contribute towards economical capital of society. The investment will make sense only if we are getting a return out of it. This requires both genders to work in their respective field of expertise. Till now well and good.

Problem arises when people want to start a family and have children. Now, to take care of children, which is primarly the basis of whole exercise of civilisation, one of them has to give full time attention to their children, atleast in first 10 years of upbringing. Mind you, I am not saying that female only should sacrifice, but due to greater attachment of mother than father towards the child more probability is of female doing so. Any psychologist will tell you that, If not taken care by their own mother or father in a right enviornment children have tendency to develop antisocial and negative psychological habits. Next generation, not infused with values and manners of civilisation will be a unrepairable loss to social capital and in long run the demise of civilisation as we know it. Many people shall suggest that childcare can be given to third party or state, but that would be a patchwork, not solution to the proper psychological upbringing of our next generation.

One of them staying back at home hampers our economic capital and esteem of that person, so effectively esteem of half population; and not doing so is destroying our social capital. Sometimes I think of abolishing institution of marriage, but then that is too impracticle to be adapted by whole society. One other related problem, specially in case of developing countries like India, is shifting of unemployment to lower starta of society.

This is the problem that is tearing my heart and mind apart these days, as I can not, and I know any other has not, find a morally proper and practicle solution to this problem. I know many feminist will scream foul, many child care activist will frawn upon this and many conservatives will argue endlessly for their side, But we can not afford to be liberal in patches. We have to devise a system for the betterment of whole society at a go, not at the cost of others. What do you think, any solution?


11 thoughts on “Social capital vs economical capital : problem of working woman

  1. Good one!
    Indeed the situation is very perplexing.
    The problem doesnt seem to have any ideal solution that could be stated as universal.


  2. You have expressed very well. This as you mentioned is a very common topic but one thing which I see common in all the discussion is the role and importance of housewives. I believe that even a housewife is not a total waste of skill set of wife. According to me, its quite one of the challenging job to do. A housewife makes the group of people a family. A mother is only going to breast feed the baby. The daddy wont do that. I really don’t understand why so much fuss is made about a girl just becoming a housewife only, its not just a thing, its a great thing.
    btw this is the first time i am writing/replying to someone’s blog


  3. @Hemant
    I am also totally of the thought that there is nothing wrong in being housewife or househusband (?) and it is a very big contribution towards society. But problem is that if we want one person to perform the duty of such nature then we should train them for that work, not for engineering, medical or science or sociology for that matter.
    And what about the self-esteem of person who has taken a professional education only to find that he/she can not apply his/her expertise in his/her area of interest.


    1. I think that the problem is more complex that the suggested solution. In a patriarchal society like ours, how many boys will opt for a degree in Home Science?


  4. unique!
    sometimes we are flexible and sometime gready for mony…so
    idea is donot go beyond threshhold or breakeven point in life situations.


  5. Ofcourse, there are solutions but they all require good understanding within the couple. One solution could be where the parents work different shifts and have minimum overlap. During that overlap they can send the child to a playschool. This playschool culture has sprung up in most of the modern societies and even those families, where one parent stays at home, send their children there to keep up with the culture change. This solution allows both the parents to work at their vocations as well as spend as much time with the child and family as they can. I have seen some people doing so and they are happily living their lives.

    However, one parent staying at home is not bad either. You may say that you are stopping a skilled labour from working thereby decreasing economical capital. But, look at it this way. The child would get a better growing environment and thereby he/she would be a greater asset to the society when he/she grows up. This certainly leads to a progressive society which is a good thing. On the other hand, if you try to maximize the economical capital in this generation, you lose social capital and thereby economical capital as well. Therefore, as you see the values inculcated by the parent in the child’s childhood and the time spent at home is not a waste at all.

    Now, this brings up the question of whether we should then teach both the spouses vocationally or just one should be given vocational studies whereas other gets household management studies. My answer is one should just let the couple decide how they want to lead their life and manage their family. Vocational education makes one independent as well as gives him/her enough exposure towards life. Also, it gives one self-confidence that he/she is not inferior to one’s spouse. On the other hand, household management is something which most people learn from their elders and this is what make each family unique and, thus, leads to diverse cultural values.


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