Top 6 reasons why India can not produce an Obama

indian-obamaThere is a high pitched debate going on among Indian bloggers whether India can produce an Obama or not. (here, here) By “producing an Obama” we mean the very rapid rise of a particular leader at the national level like Mr. Barak Obama in USA. We know that India always has tradition of old leaders, leaders in their 90s, 80s. We have Mr. Advani, age above 80, Mr. Karunanidhi, Buddhadev Bhattacharya, Devegauda as patriarchs of Indian politics. But we do not have any leader in his 40s or 50s, who has a national appeal (I do not consider Rahul Gandhi, Jyotiraditya Sindhiya as leaders), Though Mayawati, Narendra Modi, Prakash Karat have shown promise. Let us examine what are the factors responsible for average old age in Indian politics.

  1. Family run political parties: India’s political system has been converted in oligarchy. There are few families who control almost 70% of political space in Indian top level politics. Generally leaders, who create a large base of voters for themselves, transfer that base to their sons/daughters/family members, as they do not trust their own followers. Such political parties turn into a family business, even if son is incompetent. Congress, SP, RJD, NC, INLD, ShivSena, DMK, JDS, TDP and many more are dark examples of this phenomenon. There are some cadre based parties like BJP and Lefts also, but leaders in these parties promote their family within the party. This whole thing leaves very little space for a young promising leader. There are some other routes to enter politics like student unions and RSS. But chances are very few.
  2. Multiparty system: Multi party system makes it very difficult for a young leader, with very less contacts compare to old jadiyas , to get support of many parties in this era of coalition. Even old leaders like Atal Bihari Vajpayee face a lot difficulty in managing an alliance. Multi party system also involves very tough fights for local seats. So a new leader has a major preoccupation to think about his re-election and national issues take a back seat.
  3. Diversity of language: India is a diverse country with as many 10 prominent languages. If a leader is good speaker in one language then it is very less probable that he can barely speak another language. This restricts the appeal of many new emerging leaders. I am not saying that it is a negative point, but it is a fact. It is a major reason that there has been no national level leader from south India unlike north Indian Nehru, Indira, Atal Bihari as south India is more diverse in terms of language.
  4. Education system mess: As pointed by this blog, a major problem for any highly educated, English speaking person to enter politics is that he/she cannot attach themselves to psyche of a normal Indian (70% Indians live in villages and more than 85% cannot understand English). So the situation is lost in translation. On the other hand a mildly educated person can understand local problems well, but not the international issues. In this way our borrowed education system is a large tax on our progress.
  5. Police-politicians-criminal alliance: Police-politicians-criminal alliance does not allow a new entrant in their world of power. So, if you want to enter at local level politics, you need money, muscle power and backing of other local leaders.
  6. Apathy of “aam aadmi” towards politics: People in general are not interested in doing anything about politics. They can talk about politics for hours, but cannot go to vote once in 2-3 years. They have found an easy way to blame politics for everything. This non-resistance has made life very easy for power hungry politicians. This also makes it tougher for a new leader to get even a chance of representing people.

I am not saying that our system is worse than US political system, but it can be improved by injecting new blood in it. We have a new hope in economic sector due to opening of market. Let us see when the playground of politics will open to generate the same kind of hope for country.


9 thoughts on “Top 6 reasons why India can not produce an Obama

  1. Man, Please dont mention Modi’s and Karat’s name in the same line. Modi is the future beacon of india, a true nationalist and Prakash Karat is a traitor who allows illegal bangladeshis to enter india for votes.


  2. I am not judging Mr. Modi and Mr. Karat for their work or their policies in this perticular article. I am only saying that these three are the prominent leaders, who brought the change and hope for their respective party or community.
    I also take communist in same distaste as you do, but I love their conviction to their cause.


  3. INDIA can not produce a leader like Obama untill and unless ,some people who consider themselves THEKEDAR of SAMAJ will play a game based on old trade mark like caste,religion etc……..
    >>mass which has reached in comfort label ,are not bother about politics.


  4. I somehow do not subscribe to the way it is made out to be for a person to be a leader in India. However I do subscribe to your opinion on how autocratic the parties are and are absolutely dynastical rather than performance based. The reason for this is that we unfortunately inspite of having an influential and sizeable educated mass of literate and conscious lot have not even bothered to participate in the electoral process. There are countries that have economically backed parties where leaders are business leaders and those from commerce and industry. However in India we rely completely on the nuisance of the same political parties and the political process.

    India does not have an obama and thats a fact and might not have one in the near future as people responsible for leading a nation are nothing but by defalut where they are and have been put through a convenient process knows as Indian Politics. It is time action is more seen than scripts and arguements and debates seen. It is time to think as a nation first before we think regionally. It is time people came up and out and said that why cant we change the way things are and make it the way it should be, just because things are a certain way it doesnt mean it should be.

    There is a rising Star if not equitable in elan and charm as Obama but definitely in a league apart. There is to the manner born a person coming out from obscurity and India shall bear testament to this new phenomenon. It is time we stop crying and cribbing and start doing, it is time we stop thinkning of ourselves and come forward for others. There is no cost attached to thinking and acting good as there is to bad. There is no cost to bringing thought and and ideas together for implentation as there is to forming committes and commissions to study feasibility.

    Rise today and do a good deed apart from writing away blogs and arguements and then maybe we could cross paths on the road to progress singing the song of prosperity and a new India. share the need for a changed India with your collegaues and peers, bring people together to act on the right and make it a habit, Imagine first that you are ready to be in an India where you would here less of ineqality and more of moral standards. An India that most of usmillions have time to write on a blog about but not the time to act on.

    Rise today and save ourselves from permanenet annihilation of the consitution of India and rise up now be damned by our rhetoric.


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