Right to Information : IIT Kanpur news group drama

rtiSo India got “Right to Information Act”. Is it same good old news? No! This time India’s premier institute IIT Kanpur was on fire. Fire was started by your truly by posting a document on local news group of IITK, which I got from one of my friend, who in turn got it by RTI from Dean’s office.This document describes the CGPA (CPI) distribution in different batches of IITK in terms of number of students.

So conversation in student community started like this (I have used nick names of people on ng to avoid any conflict 🙂 ,those who don’t know what a news group is can google )

kanha:- hey friends! check out this…..(posted the document)

tungzten:- source..?

kanha:- Dean’s office

maaz:- with what authority do you publish such a record? has it been authorized by DOAA (dean of academic affairs) office? If it is otherwise, you deserve to be reported. and I’m serious.

damned:- threating people … are we now? and that too without verifying the facts

I am agree:- seconded..

who are you to threaten him for this post?

maaz:- the question was not for you, and you don’t deserve an answer to you question. i am still waiting for an answer from the one who started this thread. and whether you like it or not, whether you see it as a threat or not, i don’t give a fuck. if you think it’s a threat, it is. i mean it.

zonked:- what do u consider urself to be ??

an upholder of rules in IITK ???? …… don’t try to be over smart…

if he has said source to be DOAA on NG thn u can better report to thm rather than bickering around

Xender:- Dude, have sum constraint at least on your language while using a public forum plz !

maaz:- point taken. agreed my reaction was overt, but deserved.

AtulJain:- No, it was not at all deserved. One is NOT allowed to use foul language on newsgroup under any circumstances. Using bad language and then instead of deleting the concerned post or posting an apology, calling it “deserved” is a pathetic display of your “humility”. Regards,

bong:- one might go so far to suggest you to improve your vocabulary – it seems you are unable to express yourself without resorting to expletives . Personally i would suggest Norman Lewis ( i found him useful ) 😛

bheekling:- You do realize that its ironic that since you’ve broken NG rules by using foul language, now YOU are in line for action to be taken against you?

knight:- what is wrong with the post???….and what a good way of reacting?? keep going….

fox_in_sox:- Assuming the information is correct, the questions is, what is its purpose? A comparision of the CPIs between different batches..and well, even different programs, doesnt make any sense.

then our dear maaz sent a personal mail to me saying that I should remove it immediatly otherwise he will contact authorities.

kanha:- In the light of “basic public rights of information”, I thought that anything that can interest larger mass should be brought in attention of junta. So, I shared a document on a public media.But now I can see that some people don’t think it as a right step and think that it is violation of some unknown confidentiality. So I want to withdraw this post as I am also not so sure of confidentiality of this document.But then there may be people, who have not read this post yet and removing post will be a partiality for them and it will hamper their “right of equal information” and “right against deprivation of information”.

Dilemma ! !

Conclusion: I am not removing this 🙂

xender:- Dilemma for the readers :: Whole post read and nothing watsoever 😛

abh:- why debating over useless isuues………

I do not see anything wrong in spreading aroung this information by the concerned person……

If anybody finds this info useful then its gud..else keep your mouth shut……..

I was reluctant to post till now but seeing someone getting so serious on such a minor issue is definetely not at all appreciated………

the info do gives u a glimpse whr u stand in ur batch….and thts gud…whats wrong in tht….

shanath:-one full stop is as good as ……………….

shenanigan:- yeah, exactly!!!

good post kanha

shreyansh:- wooo…cant stop myself after reading all tht… well 1st of all nothing wrong in the post…..may be useful to know ur position in batch..gud kanha …and maaz bhaiyya aap all IITK policeman kyu ban rahe hai, aur kuch karne ko nahi bacha kya?….if u are so damn concerned why did u go around arguing here foolishly instead of reporting straightaway to authorities if that info was so much of a devastation for u 😀 ….. aapke comments dekh ke banjrang dal aur shiv sena ki yaad aa gayi…creating mess out of stupid little nonexistent causes…only in this case u r alone as well …hehe

maaz:- 🙂 thanks for the advice. The CPI statistics is not in the public domain AFAIK, and the only possible source I could see is OARS. If it was obtained from OARS by somebody entrusted with its administration, for instance, it amounts to misuse of OARS (or the related) system. It can lead to serious misuse in the future. *Remember something that happened wrt OARS in gymkhana elections 2005?*

abh:- i wud urge the janamdaata of this thread to contact this so called maaz personally on email and explain him the process of obtaining this data which by his standards is practically impossible ethically. maaz dude, RTI hai desh me.hai ke nahi?and thr’s nothing tht says this info is not in public domain stop applying ur unnecessary brain uselessly.by the way i wud like to thank u for providing janta entertainment on this thread. and i hope i have limited myself to one full stop this time.

shreyansh:- this maaz dude rocks, seriously not many ppl have such determination 😉 u really intrigued me ! tho i fail to see the disturbing effects which must have been caused to him by the data but i would really want to know wat these ‘effects’ were? and how on confounded earth does it matter to him if its in “public domain” (whats it btw !?) or not …….and why does he think that the janamdata of this thread is morally obliged to give him an explanation for posting watever he posts? i wonder if he is gonna get the same bashing if he repots this to doaa, or even worse for being so outrageously and blatantly stupid 😉

THEN I WAS CALLED BY HEAD CC OVER THIS ISSUE. He told me that your friend maaz mailed director of institute and now this is something serious.

Oh! my God,tum log bhi chhoti-chhoti baat ke liye diro tak pahunch jaate ho.(why do you people go to director over such small issues).I explained him whole thing, which satisfied him. Next day our good friend maaz was called by NGVC (News group vigilence commitee)and then there was maaz back on ng one day after.

maaz:- I was called by the Head-CC today and was severely chastised for the language that I had used in one of my posts. This was in no way personal to the person starting the thread and this is the first time in my ‘newsgroup-career’ that this has happened. This post is to apologise unconditionally for my earlier post in concern, and to promise it’ll not be repeated in the two months that I have left to live here. 🙂 My concern regarding the earlier issue has also been satisfied. With due regards to the junta, the NGVC and the Head-CC,

shanath:- How so? Could you elaborate on that?

sherlock Holmes:- not a “None of your business” surely? 😛

This ended the glorious drama of indian mind which cann’t see confidencial information on public domain.

Democracy is evolving but still a long way to go.Why public is considered as something outside administration.Administration should be inclusive in democracy. Let us try…………


5 thoughts on “Right to Information : IIT Kanpur news group drama

  1. Good one!
    This data has been there for long in public domain and not something which is confidential. Unless some document contains personal data and/or is deemed classified is by default in public domain. CPI data of a person is not to be made public but average or class performance without taking names is good to go.
    I miss IITK NG so much 🙂


  2. beautiful
    adhikaron ke prati jagarukta aur sahas dono ki mahati avashyakata hai.
    kya RTI ki kuch information mil sakti hai
    proceeding ke bare me……


  3. regarding poltics.. Do u think if gurjar get reservation it will be benificial for obc n st will suffer???


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